NO Project Name Grant Programme Grant Start Date
Grant End Date
1 Space Based Quantum Internet (SQUINT) EUREKA - TÜBİTAK International Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme 01.05.2021 Continuing
2 Optoelectronic Systems for Spatial and Space-Time Ghost Image TÜBİTAK International 2591 Belarus BIF 01.09.2021 Continuing
3 Advanced Quantum Systems 1512 - Entrepreneurship Support Programme (BIGG) 01.02.2020 30.04.2021
4 QBIT – Safe Communicaiton with Quantum TREDAŞ/ EnergyHUB 01.02.2022 Continuing
5 CubeSat Compatible Quantum Key Distrubution Payload Design (KUANT-US) TUBITAK 1501 Industrial R&D Projects Grant Programme 01.07.2022 Continuing