Time Tagger

Qubitrium time tagger is designed specifically for a CubeSat mission therefore, along with the time stamping process, it is also a control unit. Inside of this module, an FPGA is utilized in order to have a broad operation capacity, which translates, in terms of electronics; high resolution, high conversion rate (events/second) and configurability for different purposes. The biggest difference between Qubitrium's time tagger with other competitors is configurability by manufacture and its user. Because of that specialty, it is suitable for many applications such as; (Classical or quantum) random number generation, quantum key distribution (QKD), communication etc. It is also suitable for optimizing/changing the time tagger's specifications by configuration of the FPGA via JTAG interface on the unit. The module has a compact size 92mm x 89mm x 20mm because it is designed for CubeSat application which is why the time tagger only have 4 channels. The number of channels can easily be increased with a simple modification thanks to the FPGA's parallel operation capability.