Time Tagger

Compact and User-Friendly Time Tagger for Lab Environments
The Qubitrium Time Tagger is a compact and user-friendly time-stamping module designed specifically for lab environments. With its small form factor and easy-to-use features, it provides a convenient solution for accurate time tagging in laboratory settings.
Measuring just 120mm x 100mm x 35mm, the Qubitrium Time Tagger is designed to be space-efficient, ensuring it can fit seamlessly into crowded lab setups without taking up valuable space. Its compact size allows for easy integration and placement within existing experimental arrangements.
The module emphasizes user-friendliness, allowing researchers and scientists to quickly and effortlessly perform time-stamping tasks. Its intuitive interface, accessible via a USB-A connection, provides a smooth and straightforward experience during configuration and operation.
Despite its compact design, the Qubitrium Time Tagger does not compromise on performance. It delivers precise and reliable time-stamping results, maintaining the necessary resolution and accuracy required for accurate data analysis in lab experiments.